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he's on a mission

tofuho. pg-13. 2,271 words.

onew has happened upon a revelation: a sudden realization he would like to say may 'change the world as we know it.'

of course, that's a monumentally overstated claim, however this is 'onew-world' we are speaking of, so in actuality this may be nothing short of unsurprising.

he's heard of this extremely, extremely special thing, supposedly called love.

it's rumored to bring great things to one who experiences this, love. so finally, at the age of twenty-two, he has embarked on a mission to find and feel it, all for himself. he immediately ( and rather dramatically ) tells of his plans to his one and only trusted friends: SHINee. ( sure he's pretty tight with his other SM artists, but SHINee is SHINee, that's as best as he can explain )

key rolls his eyes, jonghyun erupts into a fit of laughter, taemin just 'smiles', and minho, well he's strangely eying the carpet floor, deciphering things onew cannot help but wonder about.

he would've expected different from minho, something more like a 'good luck, hyung' and a pat on the back.

he files it away for later, saving it for those wandering days he occasionally has. there are more important matters to be perpending about.

-    -    -    -

first step into finding 'love': get the girl ( if only he had one in mind )

so, with that thought resounding in his mind, he begins to 'flirt' ( as he stares deeply into the mirror )

he'd like to be prepared, for once.

he gives a little twinge of the lip, the mirror responding with a clean smirk. ( it's actually rather dorky )

he then proceeds to wiggle his eyebrows in a 'you-know-you-want-me' fashion.

so far, so good, he thinks.

he'd just begun making blooming attractive kissy faces at the mirror when the door bangs open.

he turns, shoulders-up, feeling caught red-handed as he looks into the eyes of the one-and-only over-achieving, reputation-upholding SHINee member.

hair tousled, he squints peculiarly at onew, before striding in, making good use of the bathroom toilet, and walking out.

onew stands stock-still the entire time ( his face still positively kissy )

-    -    -    -

a few hours later, everyone's awake,lazying around and acting somewhat coherently ( each having gone to their respective rooms—excluding tofuho )

only then does minho 'pop the question.'

"hyung," he murmurs to him ( as they quietly watch tv ), "what were you doing at 4 o' clock in the morning."

onew, who was currently drinking water, shoots a spray in response, coughing oppressively.

"w-what? what are you talking about?" onew responds nonchalantly ( the nervous blush on his cheeks not even near a giveaway )

"hyung," he sighs, "don't lie."

knowing he will never win a fight against the flaming charisma choi minho, he defeatedly replies, "i was practicing."

"practicing what."

"how to pick up chicks ( apparently that's what the cool guys say, according to his book: the beginner's guide to picking up chicks )"

a look of percipience passes across minho's features, underlying with something else—onew's just not sure what.

he does nothing but nod, then silently leave the room with only a vague whisper as an explanation.

and again, onew feels like he's missing something.

-    -    -    -

having mentally graduated from his 'love school,' onew decides to take it to the next level.

which brings the two ( onew and minho—onew believing him to be the best moral support ) of them to perusing around the market, eyeing ( onew only ) every girl that walks their way.

onew had bedecked himself in the most devilish disguise: purposely messed hair ( it's evidently 'sexy' (it really is)), black-framed, tinted sunglasses, and a casual hoodie to top it off.

minho chooses to go for all things casual ( a beanie, t-shirt, and sweatpants (and socks with sandals))

suddenly, onew's attention derives from the chicken and lands on a cute, pretty young girl.

slowly ( creepily ), he forces himself to move.

"hey." he says, magically popping up in front of her.

surprised, she smiles a hello.

he then proceeds to use the oldest line in the book. "are you from tennessee? 'cause you're the only ten ( he leans forward ) i see. ( and points to himself )"

minho stands behind, chuckling quietly as the girl immediately puts on a disgusted face and pulls a good one across onew's.

as she walks away angrily, onew rubs his cheek, mumbling the smallest 'ow.'

-    -    -    -

after many tried-and-failed attempts at winning even one girl's number at the market, he decides to drag minho and himself to the nearby coffee shop ( believing it best to award minho for putting up with him today—and plus, they have cake )

tottering rather defeatedly ( after today's repeated, girl-related fiascoes ) onew plops himself down at the nearest table, minho following a few steps behind.

"i'll go get the drinks," he listlessly says, making his way to the counter.

he mutters his order, the girl inquiring a 'what was that, sir?' as she leans over, straining to hear across the counter.

he grizzles it again, and the girl laughs, smiling at him before ( if he's absolutely positive ) mumbling something along the lines of 'cute' and 'funny' as she punches in the order.

he just stares, mouth slightly open.

the girl looks up, giggles again, and proceeds to make his order. after finishing, they trade money for drinks ( their fingers brushing, resulting in pink cheeks ) and onew retreats back to his table, partially raddled. ( and bursting with happiness )

instantly he dives in. "i got her number!"

he waves the drink in front of minho's face, the contents spilling all over.

minho grabs his wrist immediately, and then onew sees the expression on his face. pure anger.

"c-could you—" he nervously shrinks, minho realizing what he'd just done and quickly releasing his arm.

he rubs it gingerly, about ready to mindlessly continue the conversation ( like the onew that he is ) when minho once again utters something and swiftly walks out.

and now, he's alone ( with a what-the-fudge-just-happened look on his face )

-    -    -    -

the door shuts close. the dorm is dark, eerie, and quiet. too quiet. he soundlessly pads his feet down the hallway, pokes his head in every room ( only to find them empty ) and reaches the final one: minho's room.

cautiously, he wraps his fingers around the doorknob, twists, and pulls.

and there he is.

minho glances up at him, humorless. he's sitting atop his bed, reading another one of his self-help books ( think like kang ho dong speak like yoo jae suk ) with headphones in his ears.

onew toddles over, plunking himself next to the taller. he looks at him, lips slipping up into a careful half-smile. "hey."

minho remains absolute ( eyes burning into onew's ).

he stilted turns his head, and begins talking to the bedroom comforter. "about earlier, you know, at the coffee place..." he breathes in deeply, cheeks turning pink, and continues, "what exactly ha—"

and he doesn't get to know, because there's something very soft and plump pressing upon his lips which are really distracting him at the moment.

his eyes spring open, and he reflexively pushes against minho, finding it near-impossible to push him off. responsively, minho's eyes snap open, and onew sees them tainted with realization, confusion, and surprise.

he finally pulls away from him, and within seconds starts, "hyung i—"

"—it's fine." onew deadpans. "it was nothing."

he leaves the room.

-    -    -    -

the days that follow involve much avoiding and much less talking from both of them. there is not a chance they get when they are flat out avoiding each other. of course, the others notice—do they mention anything? of course not. ( and so they continue to behave in such awkward fashion with each other )

then of course, there is a confrontation. ( and what's more, it's only the two of them tonight )

it occurs in passing, as they warily evade each other through the hallway. onew ( undoubtedly ) is the cause of it all.

his eyes focus only on the floor beneath, which then results in a quick crash-and-fall, with onew straddling minho, and blush spattered on each of their faces. ( just inches apart )

"i sorry." onew deadpans, apparently unable to speak ( or think ) comprehensively.

"i-it's fine, hyung," minho stammers, "c-could you just get off me now."

"huh? oh, oh—right." speedily, he picks himself up, hand outstretched as he helps the younger.

"well b—"

"i'm sorry." minho mumbles ( feeling it best to apologize correctly this time ), "about before. just forget about it."

and he leaves ( as onew had expected )

-    -    -    -

there is only one problem with minho's suggestion: he cannot seem to. not in any. possible. way.

it repeatedly plays over in his mind, the unexpectedness of it, the soft, warm lips that felt so damn go—

"yah—hyung. you're drooling." key deadpans.

"wha—oh. sorry," he inattentively says, wiping the drool from his mouth.

key glances questioningly at him, but says nothing ( and continues eating )

—against his.

-    -    -    -

onew's been feeling rather tingly these past few days, ( no, he does not understand why ), especially in his stomach ( as if there's butterflies ) it multiplies significantly when his thoughts refer in some random way to minho.

he thinks it best to talk to said person about it, ( he usually gives the best advice, anyway )

"i think there's something wrong with me." he blanks, once again finding haven in minho's room.

"what's wrong with you, hyung." minho enervatingly drawls, eyes closed as he lies on his bed, half-awake.

"i feel," he pauses ( for dramatic effect ), "tingly."

minho opens his eyes then, and gives him the 'onew' look. "meaning."

"it happens in my stomach," he blabbers, "and you know what else? it gets worse every time i think about you. or even see you. i don't get it." he gazes up at the ceiling ( not paying much attention to what he's saying )

( feeling miraculously awake now ) minho asks, "like...butterflies."

the other responds with a clap of his hands. "yes. that's exactly it. weird, huh."

"and it gets worse when you're around me." he affirms.

onew nods, espying at him somewhat innocently.

"so when i do this," he reaches and places his hand over onew's.

"whoa," onew shivers, and jogs, "it's worse."

"or this," minho leans closer, gravitating him against the wall.

"wait, what are you—"

his lips graze against onew's neck, soft, hesitant.

"—is it." he tensely mumbles, breath hot against his skin.

"y—," he gasps ( gripping onto the hem of minho's shirt ), exhaling, "yeah."

"okay then," minho drones, lips awkwardly ( this is a first ) moving upward ( onew doesn't seem to notice )

"so what does that mean."

"it means," he says, lips inches away, "you l—"

onew's not sure what he'd said, minho's lips upon his in too short a time for him to piece it together. ( it must have something to do with the l-word )

on both ends, it's quite the awkward kiss. nothing but confused open-mouthed lip-brushing.

all they will themselves to do is just hold the other, too afraid ( and too unsure ) of how ( and what ) to go further.

it nonetheless feels good. ( his stomach twisting in—what he thinks—happiness ). terribly good. ( and minho the same—what with his low, guttural moaning )

he thinks they end up pg-ratedly sucking face for half an hour ( probably more )

-    -    -    -

it's minho who breaks off first, albeit unwillingly. he's panting quite heavily, and his eyes—oh, his eyes—are boring into his in the most delicious of ways.

if he were to be 'putting it down plain and simple.'

now, onew has just realized something: he'd just had his first full-on make-out session with his trusted SHINee band-mate. is he disappointed? no. however he feels, different. it seems the tingly feeling's gotten worse. ( he feels it in his chest now, too )

"weird," he thinks out-loud.

"what's weird," minho says out-of-the-blue; onew practically jumping out of his skin ( as he's done many times before )

he snaps his head toward him, and blurts, "n-nothing." he feels that he shouldn't tell him, though he's not sure why.

minho sees right through him. he is quite transparent.

he gives in, because after a kiss like that, it's not hard to. "you made it worse."

"made what worse?"

"i thought you were gonna make it go away." he goes for the angry leader face, but fails miserably, seeing the creeping smirk on minho's lips.

he thinks for a minute. "so you want it to go away, hyung?"

onew nods eagerly.

the younger chuckles. "i don't think it is."

"why not." onew stares blankly.

minho stares back, dumbfounded. "don't tell me you didn't hear me."

"hear what."

his head falls then, right in the palm of his hand, and he starts, blushing? "it was already hard to say the first time," he mutters.

"say what."

"it means that you l—" minho sighs, and tries again. "you like me." he's giving him that look again, and the somersaults turn.

and at last, he gets it. he understands it. after such a painful confession from serious choi minho. 

"o-oh..." he blushes, then stops. and shakes. "n-no, no way, that can't be it." chortling, he turns to minho, "..right?"

"would you like another demonstration?" he inquires ( confident once again ), slipping into his personal bubble.

"w-what? n-no, w-wait—"

his lips slide onto his, just as perfect and soft and everything they'd been the first. 

so fine, he'll admit it. he'll say it. he lo—

jonghyun bangs through, head down and muttering, "hey do you guys want to come with us to—"


he loves him.

-    -    -    -

oh well hello everyone. i wrote something, and it was fun. and as always, extremely fluffy. and very, very cheesy. oh well. i guess i just can't help myself. thanks for reading. :))

Tags: fanfic, humour, pg-13, romance, tofuho

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