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you don't scare me

tofuho. pg. 273 words.

has he ever done this before? no, he hasn't.

that itself may be enough to explain his behavior, but really, it's just plain odd.

who would've thought killing a spider could be so damn hard. ( he did )

onew, tissue in hand, stands ( a foot away ) poised and ready ( even though attacking said enemy is near impossible to do at this distance )

he stares intently at it, waiting ( stalling ) and thinking, am i really going to do this.

finally, ( after a good twenty minutes of contemplative and nothing-near-aggressive glaring ) he launches.

and misses. and trips. and screams. it landed on his nose.

haphazardly thrashing on the floor, he misses the sound of the door clicking open, too busy kicking and screaming like a little ten-year-old girl who finds out santa didn't get her the special pony she specifically ordered online at

"hyung," says the deep, ( sexy ) distant voice.

"hyung," it says again, growing noticeably louder.

he opens his eyes.

"hyung." oh. it's minho. of course it is. ( his knight in shining armor (in disguise) )

"minho," he whispers ( like a damsel in distress—that, deep down inside—he is )

"hyung," he repeats again ( for about the fourth time in a row—of course onew's counting )

"yeah," he breathes.

"why are you whispering."

reality snaps back in, just in time. he opens his mouth, ready to give an explanation, and realizes all he can say is "there was a spider."

understanding flickers upon minho's face, then suddenly switches to serious ( or competitive minho ) mode.

he surveys his surroundings, and with a reassuring nod, tells, "it's gone, hyung."

onew decides it's best just to smile.

-    -    -    -

감사합니다 (the wonders of google translate)


Tags: drabble, fanfic, humour, pg, tofuho

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