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conversation, just the way jonghyun likes ( hates ) it

jongho. pg. 96 words.

"you should really stop that."

minho looks up at Jonghyun, confused. "stop what."

"that." he points.

minho looks down, and then up again. "what."

"there. right there. you."


"it's just you. you you you. you have no idea what kind of effect you have. on me."




"hey don't ignore me. i'm trying to have a serious conversation here."


"yes really."


"ah-sh—forget it. just forget it." he can't. it's too hard. he's too scared. so much is riding on this. one word could change everything.

he hates being in love.

-it amuses me. ;))
Tags: drabble, fanfic, humour, jongho, pg, romance

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